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Shows & Competitions

Deer Search Inc. conducts competitions, qualifications and training events for our dogs and handlers. We also run an information booth at a number of sports and hunting shows in New York State.

Check our calendar below to see when events are scheduled.

2015-16 Show Dates

Please check back later for our 2015-16 show dates!

Congratulations to the winners of our October 2015 fundraiser raffle!

Andrew Irlmeier of Batavia, NY won the grand prize of a Savage 114 Limited 30-06 rifle with a Burris scope.

Willie Underhill of Prattsburg, NY won the 2nd prize, a Mathews XB320 Crossbow & scope.

Theron Swain of Centerville, NY won the 3rd prize, a Barnett Rartor Crossbow & Scope.

Micky Morrow won the 4th prize, a Remington 770 - 300 Win Mag & scope.


Certification Results

Congratulations to the following dogs and handlers who completed the certification line (1000 yds – 8 oz blood – aged 20 hours) and met the requirements for Certification.

April 12-14, 2013

Joe Dallas and Remington - 100 prize I 
Paulene Eggers and Arie - 94 prize I
Bob Yax and Thor - 79 prize II
Walt Dixon and Dachs - 73 prize II
Guy Hudson and Stanley -73 prize II
Jacen Dallas and Liberty - 67 prize III
Lisa Neal and Abby - 58 prize III
Ann Hausfelder and Sally - 58 prize III
Mike Sturdevant and Hoyt - 54 prize III
Arno Smith and Licky - 53 prize III