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Help Us Help You

Give us the best chance of finding your deer or bear!

Follow these steps after the hit:

  »Wait the appropriate time before starting to track.
  »Clearly mark the hit site.
  »Look for and mark any hair found at the hit site.
  »If hunting with a bow, locate and save your arrow if possible.
  »DO NOT walk in the blood trail. (Unless you want our dogs to track you !)
  »Mark the blood trail as you go.
  »If you jump the deer or bear out of its first bed, back out to let it bed again.
  » **After jumping the deer the 1st time, you may want to call Deer Search for
  advice and help.
  »Try to avoid having a pack of “helpers” tracking the animals' blood all around
  the woods.
  »Make sure you have permission from landowners where the deer or bear may
  have gone. Deer Search cannot go on posted land without the land owners

**Remember, we will have a much better chance of finding your deer or bear if we only have its' trail to follow.

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